Founded in 2013, Ignis was a dream come true. The devotion, planning, learning and drive developing from a single spark lit by a close friend. This spark quickly became a flame with an unending fuel reserve. CrossFit was no longer a workout, but a passion. The name "Ignis" - derived from the Latin word meaning "fire" - couldn't be a more perfect representation of how its creation and evolution came to be. The whole mission of CrossFit Ignis can be summed up in this single phrase:
"Ferro Ignique;" With Iron and [with] Fire.



Kelli Johnson wasn’t always the CrossFit powerhouse she is today. Following some personal struggles a few years ago, she took up running and it became a huge, fulfilling part of her life. Running was a passion of Kelli’s and she excelled in it, having completed countless 5K races, several half marathons, and even the full marathon beast – 26.2 miles at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. Like many marathoners, after she crossed the finish line she found herself wanting more, ready to pursue her next endeavor.
Then, one day while catching up with a friend from California, they started talking about this new thing called "CrossFit". Following extensive research, Kelli began to dabble in CrossFit workouts in her own garage. Within the first minute of her first WOD Cindy, she was hooked. She found something that not only challenged her endurance, but both her mental & physical strength.



• CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate
• CrossFit Level II Trainer Certificate (Jan 2017)

• USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach
• CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer Certificate
• CrossFit Mobility & Movement Trainer Certificate
• CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate
• CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Certificate
• RockTape FMT Basic & Performance Certification

• RockBlade FMT IASTM Certification

• Over two decades of experience in the private business sector

• Bachelor of Science – Industrial Technology Management


Coach Delfini grew up playing soccer and always considered herself an athlete. But once she graduated from high school and no longer played sports regularly, she began to feel the effects of the “Freshman 15.” Delfini admits to having struggled with self-image problems and not liking what she saw in the mirror. One day she decided, “I might as well make a good looking body.” It was then that she started attending group fitness classes at a local gym.
“The kickboxing instructor was a Navy recruiter and the class was nothing short of kick ass. He told us about his boot camp class he held also, so I started to regularly attend both classes. I saw results but it wasn't what I wanted.” Delfini continued to actively participate in all sorts of group classes, races, and mud runs before trying CrossFit.

“An old friend of mine called me one day asking all these questions about the CrossFit gym in town. When I found out Kelli and Chris decided to open Ignis, I was excited. Seeing the box’s progress of it coming together really put into perspective for me how great this was going to be for myself and the community.” Delfini became one of the original members of the CrossFit Ignis Founders’ Crew and has continued to be a powerhouse at the box since it opened in August 2013. Having seen the dedication and passion of her coaches, led to the decision to become a coach herself. “Since starting CrossFit, I’ve lost 10 pounds, completed two Tough Mudders, ran a 5K in under 25 minutes and finally achieved strict pull-ups. I’ve learned and excelled in weight lifting moves I’d never heard of, improved my speed like I never thought possible, and realized how strong anyone can truly be if they put their minds to it. Mostly, I stopped suffering from any self image problem I ever had, and look forward to improving myself to my best ability and then surpassing that.”



• CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate

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Gordy grew up playing sports as a child and in high school before earning a scholarship to play football in college. Suffice to say, he lived an active lifestyle. After graduating from college, he married a collegiate basketball player, Lindsay, and they continued to be active – playing basketball, hitting the gym, or hiking. Then in 2005, the Prathers had their first child and a few months later they moved to Florida to lead a student ministry at a church. It was then that Gordy’s fitness took a back seat. Fast forward to 2009. A couple of his friends had signed up for a half marathon at Disney World and one of them couldn’t honor the commitment and asked Gordy to replace her in the race. He agreed. The problem however? The half marathon was only days away and Gordy hadn’t been running. He ran three miles a day for eight days, resting on the ninth. On day 10, he completed his first half marathon in 2 hours and 14 minutes. That race re-ignited Gordy’s desire for fitness. He continued running and then a year later he again took another person’s spot in the same Disney Half. This time, with training, he shaved 21 minutes off his time and ran it in 1 hour and 53 minutes.

Fitness had once again become a fixture in his life. He began alternating between biking and running to and from work. It was nine miles round trip and he was also going to a gym down the street consistently. In 2012, Gordy and his family moved from Florida back home to Science Hill. He stayed active by playing pick-up basketball, going to the gym and running races (trail runs, 5Ks, Warrior Dash), but soon a different fitness regime would grab his interest. He and Lindsay were watching ESPN one day in August 2015 when the CrossFit Games came on television. They went to Ignis the very next day, signed up for OnRamp, and have been addicted ever since.

“I love CrossFit. It prepares me for everything. In April 2017, I ran a 50K trail run and the only training I did was CrossFit. That’s insane to me. I used to be a dedicated runner and even then I wouldn’t have been able to complete a 50K trail run. My overall fitness has improved in every capacity since joining Ignis. I love the challenge it presents. I love the competitive atmosphere. I love the camaraderie all the athletes share. Best of all, CrossFit will never get old because of WODs being constantly varied. When asked to become a coach, it was a no brainer.”



• CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate





Derek Burgett was always active and adventurous as a kid. He played just about every team sport that was offered to him until his high school years where he played football and soccer. After a successful high school football career, he earned a scholarship to play collegiate football, where he also studied Business administration. With years of traditional strength and conditioning under his belt from football, Derek still felt incomplete with his fitness. One day, as his football career was coming to an end, he was introduced to a documentary on the CrossFit Games and the idea of being prepared for anything that is thrown your way (the unknown and the unknowable) excited him beyond belief. CrossFit enabled him to take his fitness to a whole new level.  

After spending over a year doing CrossFit in his home garage gym, Derek opted to take his Level 1 and further expand his knowledge of CrossFit. He joined CrossFit Ignis to compete in the CrossFit Open and fell in love with what he found. “When I came to CrossFit Ignis there were people from all walks of life who had come together to create this “team” and push each other to be the best they could be.” Soon after, he entered the Internship program at CrossFit Ignis and started his journey to becoming a CrossFit coach.   Derek’s primary goal? To help others achieve things they would have never imagined they could do. “I had many great role models growing up and I hope I can be a positive influence for others the way my role models influenced me.”



• CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate


Danny has been involved in sports and coaching for basically his whole life. Playing as many sports as he could growing up, he would eventually attend college and play baseball. After a couple of seasons as a player his focus shifted from playing to his future in coaching. For two seasons he would become a Student Assistant coach for his college baseball team. Upon graduating college, Danny moved home to become an assistant coach at his alma mater for a season. Soon after he would marry his wife Jessica and later have two sons Eli and Samuel.

Throughout the years Danny would become the head baseball coach at two different local High Schools; including his alma mater for a total of 7 years. He continues to help coaching at the youth sports level in baseball and cross country. It was shortly after leaving his coaching position Danny would come to the realization that he was slowly losing a step and gaining weight. While fitness wasn’t a focus in his life, coaching kept him active and able to maintain a healthy balance. He decided in the spring of 2016 to run his first 5k. After that he would focus on running 6 days to a week to train for future races.

In the fall of 2016 Danny was introduced to CrossFit after a Sunday evening church service. Coach Gordy Prather who is the pastor at Danny's church invited CrossFit Ignis to a service and a WOD to try and connect his church family and his CrossFit family. A couple of months later Danny started his journey at CrossFit. “I fell in love with CrossFit and our community almost immediately once I started. I’ve always had a desire to better myself and Ignis gives me that opportunity every day. Not only do I get to witness my growth, but I get to see the amazing progress of other members. Coaching has always been in my blood, and when the opportunity to coach became available I was excited to give back here at Ignis. Jessica and myself love this community of people and CrossFit has become a fixture in our lives. We are excited to see what the future holds for Ignis.”



• CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate